Programme Rundown (The programme is subject to changes)

Day1 - Wednesday, 31 Oct. 2018
Time Industrial Visit
08:50 Gather at the meeting point
09:00-11:30 Visit Alibaba Ant Financial Services Group or Alibaba Xixi Park and Dream Village, Hangzhou

Conference registration time and location
30 Oct. 2018, 15:00-20:00, Yuquan Hotel
31 Oct. 2018, 8:10-8:40, Yuquan Hotel

Alibaba Ant Financial is one of the highest valued fintech companies in the world. It served 870 million users worldwide. Its technology products and services consist of five product portfolios, namely large-scale financial transaction technologies, financial security technologies, financial intelligence technologies, next-generation interaction technologies and blockchain applications.

Alibaba Xixi Park is the headquarters of the well-known Internet company Alibaba Group. It comprises a collection of buildings organized and linked with intention to create a connected and productive community.
14:00-15:30 Visit Zijin Harbor Campus and School History Museum, Zhejiang University
18:00 Dinner(Yuquan Hotel)
Day2 - Thursday, 1 Nov. 2018
Venue: Shao Yifu Meeting Centre, Zhejiang University
Time Plenary Session
Venue: Room 117
Chairman: Dr Qinghai Wu
08:00-8:40 Registration
08:40 Welcome Address by Prof. Bingfeng Ju, Vice Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University
08:50 Welcome Address by Prof. WB Lee, Emeritus Professor, Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Managing Knowledge in the Age of Digitalisation
  • Prof. Eric Tsui  (Director, Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Knowledge Management and their Compound Intersection with Cyber Physical Technology to Develop Smart City
  • Prof. Madjid Fathi   (Professor & Director, University of Siegen, Germany)
  • Impact of Industry 4.0 on IC and KM in Organizations
  • Dr. Maurizio Massaro  (Associate Professor of Accounting and Digital Management, Venice Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy)
    10:40 Tea/Coffee
    Chairman: Prof. WB Lee
  • Knowledge Management, Knowledge Service and Collaborative Innovation in the Era of Big Data
  • Mr. Hongwei Zhang  (Vice President, CNKI)
  • Man.machine : Knowledge@Intelligence in the Industry 4.0 era
  • Dr. Vishnupriya Sengupta  (Director, PwC India)
  • Management and Optimization of Big Data Scientific Workflows in Resource Sharing Environments
  • Prof. Qishi Wu  (Director of the Center for Big Data, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)
    12:40 Lunch (Shao Yifu Meeting Centre)
    Time Parallel Sessions
    14:00-17:40 (Venue: Room 117, conducted in English)
    Presentation of Papers

    *(Please refer to the table at the bottom for detailed schedule)

    (Venue: Room 212, conducted in Chinese)
    Sharing Session on Knowledge Management Practices of Corporates

    *(Please refer to the table at the bottom for detailed schedule)

    (Venue: Room 211, conducted in Chinese)
    Academic Session on Science and Technology Resource Sharing
    18:00 Welcome banquet (Shao Yifu Conference Center)
    Day3 - Friday, 2 Nov. 2018
    Venue: Shao Yifu Meeting Centre, Zhejiang University
    Time Plenary Session
    Venue: Room 117
    Chairman: Prof. Eric Tsui
  • Knowledge Management in the Era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Prof. Alain Chong   (Dean, Graduate School, University of Nottingham Ningbo China)
  • Big Data and Business Model Innovation
  • Prof. Xiaobo Wu  (Professor, Zhejiang University, China)
  • MIKE: An Intellectual Capital Framework of Innovation Practices
  • Prof. WB Lee  (Emeritus Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
    10:10 Tea/Coffee
    Chairman: Prof. Xiaobo Wu
  • Knowledge driven enterprise digital transformation
  • Dr. Xia Zhang   (SVP, CTO & CKO of Neusoft Corporation, China)
  • Practice of organization oriented knowledge management based on scenario
  • Dr. Jinghua Xia   (Vice President of Landray, Dean of the Knowledge Management Institute)
  • The Current Situation and Prospect of Knowledge Management in China
  • Dr. Qinghai Wu   (Founder & CEO, SunXZ Network Ltd., China)
  • The New Value of Driving Knowledge Management by Using of Structured Technology Communication Information
  • Mr. Yonghua Jin   (Founder & CEO, Shanghai Megalink Software Technology Co., Ltd., China)
  • Big Data Driven Organizational Learning and Empowerment in the New Retail Era
  • Dr. Lihua Xiao   (Vice President, Alibaba Group, China)
    12:30 Lunch (Shao Yifu Meeting Centre)
    Time Parallel Sessions
    14:00- 17:40 (Venue: Room 117, conducted in English)
    Presentation of Papers
    *(Please refer to the table at the bottom for detailed schedule)
    18:00 Dinner (Shao Yifu Conference Center)

    *Presentation of Papers

    1 Nov. 2018
    Author Abstract Time
    Session Chair: Dr. Maurizio Massaro, Venice Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy
    Alexslis Maindze A History of Knowledge Management: A Sequential Narrative from the Late 1960s to 2018 14:00
    Boutache Amira, Bouktache Mohamed Contemporary issues of knowledge management 14:15
    Cecilia Adrian, Rusli Abdullah, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh and Rodziah Atan Preliminary Study on Big Data Analytics Implementation Assessment Model using Rasch Measurement Analysis 14:30
    CM Kwan, KK Poon, Vincent Wong Innovation Empowering Technical Knowledge 14:45
    Defeng Luo, Hongfei Zhan, Junhe Yu, Rui Wang, Xiang Li, Yongjie Wu Industrial Cluster Generalized Manufacturing System from the Perspective of Knowledge Cooperation 15:00
    Session Chair: Dr. Jessica Gu, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    George Pór Creating a Meshwork of Communities of Practice in Social Informatics, Focusing on the Emancipatory Potential of AI 15:30
    Hongfei Zhan, Yongjie Wu, Junhe Yu, Rui Wang, Defeng Luo A Method for knowledge Acquisition of Product Design Based on Review Data 15:45
    Jia Qian, Yang Yukun, Zhang Wei Research on knowledge Evaluation from Quantitative View 16:00
    LAU Chi-wai, Edwina Hong Kong Police Force as a Knowledge Enterprise Forging ahead Strategically for Perpetual Service Enhancement 16:15
    Linli LI, Fu GU, Xinjian GU , Hao LI Blockchain in knowledge management: a framework and implications 16:30
    Liu Yang From Human to Human—Enterprise Knowledge Management Facilitated by Structured Technical Writing 16:45
    Liu Yehui, Liu lixiang, Ge Xiaoai and Sun Yucheng Construction of Wisdom Remittance Ecosystem[Beijing Capital Co., Ltd.] 17:00
    2 Nov. 2018
    Author Abstract Time
    Session Chair: Prof. Hongfei Zhan, Ningbo University, China
    Jessica Gu and Yu Chen Complex System Approach Towards Evolutionary and Behavioral Knowledge Management 14:00
    Mingcheng Liu, Hongfei Zhan, Junhe Yu, Rui Wang Research on Unified Modeling Technology for Multidimensional Design Knowledge Based on Integrated Situation in Conceptual Design 14:15
    Muhammad Syafirin and Dewi Hanifah CURE Reactivation –Embracing Untapped Potential Resources 14:30
    Nur Ilyana IsmarauTajuddin, Rusli Abdullah, Marzanah A.Jabar, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh Expert Review Analysis on Knowledge Integration Model in Business Organization 14:45
    Pratyush Banerjee, Tamali Bhattacharyya Perceived Benefit of XMOOCs in Knowledge Enhancement and Impact on Career Development: a Mixed-Method Study 15:00
    Session Chair: Dr. Maurizio Massaro, Venice Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy
    Sulistiono, Darmawan Triwibowo, Ega Rosalina Breaking the Wall: Inter-organizational Learning of NGO Sector in Indonesia 15:30
    Wafa Belkahla Hakimi, Wafa Hajri Exploring the contribution of Customer Knowledge Management to foster innovation: Case study of the automotive industry 15:45
    WU Zhunan The CISE Model of Knowledge Transformation and Knowledge Management Strategy 16:00
    Xiao Jin, Can Huang Is Utility Model an Effective Method to Protect Innovation? Evidence from China 16:15
    Xing Shi, Hongfei Zhan, Junhe Yu and Rui Wang Dynamic Evolution of Modular Knowledge Context in Business Solution Process 16:30
    Ying Wang, Yejun Luan and Jie Zhang Research on the Concept and Constituting Elements of Enterprises Group Decision-making System Based on Knowledge Management 16:45

    **企业知识管理和创新实践交流会 (Sharing Session on Knowledge Management Practices of Corporates)

    1 Nov. 2018
    Time 企业知识管理和创新实践交流会
    Chairman: Dr. Qinghai Wu
  • 面向未来的知识产权管理
  • 黄灿  (浙江大学管理学院黄灿教授、企业战略管理与创新系主任、创新管理基地常务副主任)
  • 基于机构知识管理中的协同创新与知识地图融合方案探讨
  • 周馥华  (中国知网国际出版与发行公司事业部总经理)
  • 航天一院知识管理实践
  • 康磊晶  (航天科技集团一院 技术研究与发展中心 科研处副处长,研究员)
    15:40-15:50 茶歇
    Chairman: Dr. Jinghua Xia
  • 对航天企业智慧总体部建设的认识
  • 施国强  (博士、研究员,航天科工集团二院二部信息技术中心主任,航天科工集团智能制造专家组副组长)
  • 复杂产品设计中的知识工程实践
  • 杜臣勇  (高级工程师 北京知元创通信息技术有限公司 总经理)
  • 东软知识管理实践
  • 陈雪玲  (东软集团)