Doctoral Workshop

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Doctoral Workshop on Management of Innovation, Information, Knowledge, Learning and Entrepreneurship

In parallel with many other activities, a Doctoral Workshop will be held for doctoral research candidates to present their projects and/or latest findings in the management of innovation, information, knowledge, learning and entrepreneurship which together have become essential driving engines for smart cities in the onset of Industry 4.0. Apart from being a historical and cultural renowned city, Hangzhou is also the home to many leading IT companies (including Alibaba) conducting many world-class research and projects.
All presentations in the Doctoral Workshop will be invited for publication in the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems (Emerald). A certificate will be awarded to the best three presentations and presentations with merits.
A 50 % discount will be offered to research and doctoral candidates who are accepted to present at the Doctoral Workshop. Economical hotel accommodation will also be arranged (at candidates' own cost).
Young post doctorates below the age of 35 are also welcome to present in the doctoral workshop.

Submission Details

Please submit your abstract (up to 300 words) to the paper review system.

Authors with accepted abstract will be notified within one week and the full paper can be submitted one month after the conference.